Perfect solution for hotels, apartments and also for home use.
Very simple handling. You do not need extra space for back o sitting cussions, because they stay fixed od the mechanism.

Sofa ARABELA can be delivered in diferent sizes - as armchair, 2-seat, or 2,5 seat sleeper sofa (the widhts of the matresses are 70, 80, 100, 120, 140 or 160 cm; the lenght of the matress is 198 cm).

You can choose between 20 cm or 8 cm armrest, as You prefere or according to the space of the interior that is to be furnished.

After inquiery we can also make special model adjustments. 

NEW: ARABELA as corner siting suite

				Ko ne potrebujete postelje, imate lepo, moderno, kotno sedežno garnituro ;-)

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